Specially selected kitchen knife

Kiritsuke Chef Knife Damascus VG10 with Complite octagon handle

A top-quality knife that combines multi-layer Damascus steel with a core steel made of VG10, which has excellent sharpness and wear resistance.

Japanese chef knife Mirror Hammered Damascus with Japanese zelkova handle

The 67-layer Damascus steel with a unique wood grain pattern is hammered .Damascus is designed to imitate a medieval Damascus sword, and the artistic texture that appears by forging multiple layers of different stainless steel is very popular.

Kensaki Wa-Santoku 160 VG10 with Urushi-lacquer handle

Wa Santoku is a fusion of VG10 stainless steel sharp blade and traditional Japanese technology. Carefully handmade to suit the user of the knife, it is sharp and easy to hold. The Wa Santoku is beautifully coated with Urushi-lacquer. It is a Japanese kitchen knife that combines the skill and beauty backed by tradition. Perfect for home cooking as well as professional cooks. Recommended for those who are looking for a knife that is light and sharp. Would you like to get the highest quality wasantoku that will help you take a step towards becoming a good cook?

Santoku170 Ttsuchime VG with SAKURA-Pink Handle

A high-class kitchen knife made from forged VG stainless steel that is resistant to rust and sharp.What’s even more eye-catching is the beautiful cherry-colored marble-patterned handle.