Sharpening fee

*Member price: Sharpening price for the knife you purchased.

Western knife Regular priceMember price
Home use knife (210mm)
Petty Knife(~210mm)
Chef Knife(~240mm)
Japanese knife(single-edged)
Deba Fish Knife(~150mm)
Small Deba
Deba Fish Knife(165mm)¥2,200¥1,100
Yanagiba Sashimi Knife(~210mm)¥2,200¥1,100
Yanagiba Sashimi Knife(240mm)¥2,750¥1,375
Usuba vegetable knife¥2,200¥1,100
additional fee
Blade chipping, distortion of blade line, uneven wear
thickness removal
Lomg length /per 30mm¥550~¥225~
New handle(Japanese knife)¥1,100¥1,100

  • Up to two sharpenings can be done on the same day. Also, if the chip is large or in poor condition, it will be finished at a later date.
  • Please ask us about items other than kitchen knives, such as scissors and gardening knives.