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Why are Japanese knives so sharp?

It is due to Japanese food culture.
Blessed with mountains and rivers and surrounded by the sea, Japan has a custom of eating fresh ingredients raw.
A very sharp knife is indispensable for cooking raw ingredients deliciously.

There is a word ”kappo” that expresses the knowledge of Japanese food. Kappo means that cutting is more important than boiling or grilling. Sashimi is the dish that best expresses this.

Sashimi is a dish that is completed just by cutting it! However, it requires excellent cooking skills and a knife with a sharp edge similar to that of a Japanese sword.
Japanese sharp knives keep damage to a minimum without crushing the cells of ingredients. In other words, the taste is different between a good knife and a bad knife!

And sharpening is essential for this sharpness


Japanese cutlery shows its true value with sharpening

Japanese knives are made from high-quality, high-carbon steel with advanced forging and hardening techniques, but that alone is not enough to make a good knife. 
Properly sharpened by a skilled sharpener in the final manufacturing process, it achieves excellent sharpness.

Conversely, sharpening is utilized because it is an excellent steel knife.
In other words, excellent steel, molding technology, and sharpening are the three elements that make Japanese cutlery.

Japan has a sharpening culture

Cutlery wears out with use in the same way a pencil does. Therefore, sharpening is essential even after purchase. 
In Europe, the United States and other countries, it seems that the knife is simply rubbed with a polishing stick or sharpener.
But, Japanese knives do not sharpen when such tools are used, and rather, it will ruin the knife.
Japan has a custom and culture of sharpening with a whetstone. Regular sharpening keeps it sharp.
That said, sharpening with a whetstone is something that looks easy but is difficult. It is common to perform daily maintenance by yourself and have it sharpened at a specialty store regularly.

However, foreigners who have taken it overseas cannot go to specialty stores.
Therefore, we will explain daily care and simple sharpening methods to foreigners who wish.
And regular professional sharpening will be handled by international mail.
We don’t want knives to become mere souvenirs or decorations.
We hope that you will feel the goodness of Japanese cutlery.

We would appreciate it if you could feel Japanese culture through kitchen knives.


about us

We are the store specializing in sharpening knives.

In addition to the store, I go on business trips to various places to sharpen knives.
We sell knives recommended by professional knife sharpeners.


Our location

Our shop is located in Atsugi City, which is located almost in the center of Kanagawa Prefecture next to Tokyo.
It takes about 1 hour from center of Tokyo by highway and 40 minutes from Shinjuku by train.
In addition, it is close to Hakone and Kamakura, which are sightseeing spots in the prefecture, and has good access to Mt. Fuji.

about Atsugi-city

Atsugi City is a city rich in nature surrounded by mountains and rivers. In addition, it is close to the sea, and Shonan Beach is 30 minutes away by car. 
By the way,the place name Atsugi is famous both in Japan and abroad for the Atsugi Air Base, but there is no Atsugi Air Base in Atsugi City. US military facilities such as Atsugi base are located in other cities a little further away.

Tourist attractions

Sightseeing spots are mainly parks rich in nature,there are natural hot springs in the mountains and artificial hot springs in the town area.
We also recommend Mt. Oyama , which has a shrine at the summit, and Kiyokawa Village, which has a lake.

As for food, ramen noodles shops and ”Shirokoro”grilled offal are popular, and there are many shops where many people come from far away to eat.


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27-9 Minamimachi, Atsugi City, Kanagawa Prefecture